Our services

Business processes
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  • Audit
  • Optimization
1C: Enterprise
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  • Optimization of the software complex
  • Comprehensive business process optimization
  • Integration of information systems with equipment and services
  • Advice on the decision of accounting tasks
  • Setting
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  • Selection of licence software
  • Remote administration

Our values

Multitasking, mountain of paperwork, missed calls. Familiar? The main reason of such state is incorrect organization of work. Your company needs
in automatization and “clever” algorithm — helper, which leads you to knowledge “zen” in business. You still do not believe?

Best Project — guru (yes, we do not fear this word) competent optimization in business processes. Our main point is well established avenues, working without failures and flaws. It is functional and convenient for a user.

Since 2006 we have been automating the business processing with the help of 1C:Enterprise. Since 2014 — outsourcing project. We provide audit service
with the aim of optimization.We undertake the most challenging tasks and bring to a successful conclusion.

Our values are stability, reliability, and orientation towards the future. We establish a scheme, which does not fear difficulties and not make you disappointed even in a crisis situation thanks to our experience. We will launch a software according to your requirements and company’s objectives.